Cécile Preziosa could have been an engineer from her initial training, but her passion for ceramic and creating objects led her to choose a very different path. Not long after her studies, in 2009, she started to train in wheel throwing as an apprentice in a traditional pottery workshop in France’s Alsace region. A few years later, her intense practice allowed her to create delicate and even pieces, perfecting her shapes. Cécile Preziosa founded her studio in 2013.

At the same time, her scientific background helped her to develop a rigourous research methodology for the formulation of high temperature glazes (1280°C) made up from natural minerals and oxides. Her research has led her to showcase an exclusive palette of natural shades combinated to sensual textures. In January 2017, she participated for the very first time in the Maison & Objet fair where she received a Discovery award.

In 2020, her partner Julien joined in the activity. Also an engineer, he contributed to the technical development of the workshop, in particular through the introduction of jiggering as another artisanal manufacturing technique in addition to throwing. Bowls, cups and plates are made by jiggering ; the pitchers, salad bowls, teapots and boxes are made by throwing.

The color is revealed after final firing. Its rendering depends on numerous details : a very precise mineral recipe of course, but also the thickness of the glaze deposited by dipping, the firing temperature (around 1280°C) as well as the location of the piece in the kiln. The mastery of our glazes allows us to achieve a delicate and sensual rendering of color and texture.

Each piece is entirely made in Cécile Preziosa’s studio. By a complete mastery of shape, material and colour, the studio has developed its own aesthetic language. Cécile Preziosa is a member of Ateliers d’Art de France.

Cécile Preziosa's studio
Cécile Preziosa's studio - Bowls on shelf
Cécile Preziosa's studio - Finishing a stoneware bowl
Portrait of Cécile Preziosa in her studio